About Country Meat

For meat lovers - by meat lovers
Our journey starts on a farm just outside of Kroonstad, a region renowned for exceptional beef farming. Our farm ensures the highest standards and quality and we are proud of our humane, sustainable farming practices.

Pure Meat

We do not put fillers in our wors, mince or patties – only meat and spices. (the way it should be!)


Our Guarantee

If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to the store and we will either refund you for the full weight or give you a replacement product.


Value Added

We provide a host of value added services including spit and on-site braai and an online retail store for your convenience.


Sustainable Farming

One of our guiding principles is the practice of precise sustainable farming. Our animals enjoy a healthy lifestyle without compromising the land on which they live. We also produce our own animal feed and ensure that our meat is brine free.

Our Meat

Our Bonsmara cattle typically spend 70% of their lives on the veld. Thereafter, they are moved to our feedlot where they receive a nutritionally balanced diet. We are in complete control of the quality of grain, hay and vitamins that our animals eat and we can proudly vouch for the fact that there are no animal by-products in our meat.

Our Pleasure

We don’t just sell meat; we love meat. For us, there’s no greater pleasure than sinking our teeth into a truly great piece of meat. When we set out to produce meat on our Free State farm, we did so with this goal in my mind – to offer our customers natural, wholesome, great-tasting meat.