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In store collection available.

About Country Meat

For Meat Lovers - By Meat Lovers
When it comes to buying meat, you’re faced with a lot of choices and a lot of conflicting claims. And at the end of it all, how can you really be sure of the quality of your meat until you actually sit down and taste it? You can’t be, unless you buy from Country Meat.
Here’s why:
We don’t just sell meat; we love meat. We loved it when we were children spending time on the farm, and we love it now. For us, there’s no greater pleasure than sinking your teeth in to a truly great piece of meat.When we set out to to produce meat on our piece of Sernick farm in Kroonstad, Free State, we did so with this goal in my mind – to offer our customers natural, wholesome, great-tasting meat.
In short, we set out to offer our customers the kind of meat we wanted to eat; meat the way it’s meant to be.

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